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The BEST cheeses of Greece

Even Homer in his Odyssey gives a very vivid description of cheese production from sheep and goat milk. The climatologic conditions of the area in combination with a vast amount of experience over the centuries constitute Lesvos’ dairy products known in the whole world for their unique taste and texture.

Samples from our cheeses | From top to bottom, KEFALAKI, GRAVIERITSA, GRAVIERA and FETA CHEESE on right.

Traditional dairy products with name of origin are the Ladotiri (Ladotyri, Kefalaki or Kefalotyri) of Mytilene and the Feta cheese, both unique for their taste and scent. 
The traditional cheese-dairy units guarantee the distinct organoleptic properties of the cheese because they process the excellent in quality and texture local goat and sheep milk which under certain conditions could be characterized as ecological. 
The flora of the area and the local sheep and goat races are the primer factors of the excellent quality of the composition of the milk.
Another element which adds to the quality of the cheese is the people who have preserved the traditional ways of cheese making thus offering the younger generations the classic and excellent dairy products of Mandamados ( Feta cheese, Ladotiri, Graviera and Gravieritsa, Fresh butter).

Taking advantage of the traditional sheep race of Mytilene and the local flora, stock breeders of Mandamados produce high quality milk because they collect it with great care. Further on, they bring it to their own Cheese Factory  and with the help of the skillful and well trained Cheese maker they produce the following dairy products:

LADOTIRI (KEFALAKI) OF MYTILENE (Certified Name of Origin)
It is traditional hard Greek cheese, a product with certified name of origin.It is produced exclusively on Mitylene (Lesvos), by sheep or mixed sheep and goat milk. It has a special cylindric shape and it weighs about a kilo. It matures in underground storage rooms and cool chambers.
It is also known by the name “kefalaki”. In older times people used to preserve it in olive oil and that’s the reason why it is called “ladotyri”.
It tastes piquant and it is hard in texture. Its average content of moisture is 38% while its fat on the dry part is 40%. It can be consumed as it is or fried (sachanaki). 

FETA CHEESE (Certified Name of Origin)

It is the most famous traditional Greek cheese and a product with name of origin. It is produced in our country since Homeric times. It is soft and white. It matures and gets preserved in salty water for at least two months. It is an important ingredient of Greek people’s diet being also part of their history and traditions. The average consumption of feta cheese in Greece is the highest in the world; about 12 kilos per person.
It’s made of sheep milk or its mixture with goat milk. It has a brackish and subacid taste and a natural white colour. Its average content of moisture is 58% and 43% of fat. It can be consumed as it is, baked in the oven (sachanaki), on top of a Greek Salad or in cheese pies.

It is a traditional Greek cheese produced by sheep milk or its mixture with goat milk. It matures for at least three months. It has a sub sweet taste and pleasant organoleptic properties. Its average content of moisture is 38% while of fat 40%. It can be consumed as it is , with honey or fried.

It is a traditional hard Greek cheese made of sheep milk or its mixture with goat milk. It matures for at least three months. It combines the properties of Ladotiri and Graviera. Its average content of moisture is 38% while of fat 40%. It can be consumed as it is or fried (sachanaki).

Fresh Butter

A traditional product made of the cream of milk, the “kaimaki” as it is called by the elder. It is of high nutritional value and it is widely known as “ unseasoned butter”. Its moisture is 18%. It is light and cool in taste and it has a natural white colour. It’s mainly consumed on bread with honey. Furthermore, it can be used in cooking and confectionary.


Fresh Butter
Pure or melted butter is produced by boiling fresh butter. It’s mainly used in cooking and confectionary. It gives a unique taste and aroma to food and pastries.


Fresh Butter